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September 11, 2012
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Halloween Printable Apothecary Bottle Labels by tursiart Halloween Printable Apothecary Bottle Labels by tursiart
I created these labels last night, using illustrations sourced from the public domain.
Perfect for a Halloween party, Apothecary Props, Photo Shoot, or any other similar event. I tried to deviate a little from most of the typical Halloween Bottle labels you see and create something a little more different and original.

The B&W Labels look fantastic printed on parchment or linen paper and then aged.
The full size printable files are available for purchase in my etsy store for just $1.99, here is the link: [link]

Full color labels are:
Daemon's Delight
Unicorn Blood
Snake Oil Panacea
Pirate's Grog
Mermaid's Tears
Troll Toddy
Vampire Bat Repellent
Delirium Inducer

Black and White labels are:
Haitian Voodoo Zombie Antidote
Father Damien Karras' Exorcism Elixir - Expells 99.9% of demons and evil spirits
Wolfsbane - Aconitum Extract
Madam Brunhilda's Wart Growth Serum
Goblin Grog
Howard Carter's Mummy Repellent
Bogeyman Booze - Specter Spirits!
Daemon's Delight

I purposefully used only copyright free / public domain illustrations to create these labels. Here are credits:

Color Labels:
Daemon's Delight – Detail from The Last Judgement, part of the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo, 1536-1541
Unicorn Blood – Detail from “The Unicorn is Killed and Brought to the Castle” part of the Hunt of the Unicorn Tapestry series. Artist Unknown. 1495–1505
Mermaid's Tears -Stories from Hans Andersen,1837. Illustration by Edmund Dulac, 1911 edition.
Troll Toddy - Among Pixies and Trolls, Alfred Smedberg. 1912.
Snake Oil Panacea -Jormungandr. Walhall, die Gïtterwelt der Germanen. Emil Doepler 1905
Pirate's Grog -Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates, Howard I. Pyle 1911, 1921
Vampire Bat Repellent -Vampire Landlord, 1882. Artist unknown.
Delirium Inducer – Detail from Pieta. Carlo Crivelli. Circa 1493

Wart Growth Serum -Europa's fairy book, Joseph Jacobs John Dickson Batten 1854-1916.
Mummy Repellent -Illustration from the Encyclopaedia Biblica. Artist unknown. 1899.
Zombie Antidode -A Zombie, at twilight, in a field of cane sugar of Haiti, Jean-Noel Lafargue
Exorcism Elixir -Demon, Exiting Mouth of King. More Celtic Fairy Tales. John Dickson Batten. 1892.
Bogeyman Booze – Detail from Apparitions. J.A.S. Collin de Plancy. Dictionnaire Infernal. 1863.
Goblin Grog -Asmodée. J.A.S. Collin de Plancy. Dictionnaire Infernal. 1863
Wolfsbane -The Werewolf Delusion, Ian Woodward
Daemon's Delight -Diable. J.A.S. Collin de Plancy. Dictionnaire Infernal. 1863
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motherearth01 Sep 12, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Excellent work.
tursiart Sep 12, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks again. :)
motherearth01 Sep 12, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
You are very welcome!
Rhissanna Sep 11, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Oh my gosh! These are just amazing!
tursiart Sep 11, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
thank you! :)
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